Sony Main Boards

Sony Main Boards Sorted by Model Number
Model Version Part Number Part Description
1-680-875-15PCB, A
1-862-185-31PCB, A
1-673-415-13PCB, A
1-673-987-62PCB, A
1-684-590-21PCB, A
1-684-590-12PCB, A
1-684-617-21PCB, A
1-684-617-41PCB, A
1-684-617-12PCB, A
1-685-619-12PCB, A
1-685-619-13PCB, A
1-866-296-11PCB, A
1-677-295-72PCB, A
1-678-579-11PCB, A
1-688-867-21PCB, A
1-679-158-11PCB, A
1-689-727-11PCB, A
1-684-590-31BPCB, A
A-1400-464PCB, A
A-1401-055-APCB, A
A-1272-480-APCB, A
A-1272-481-APCB, A
A-1404-843-APCB, A
A-1294-560-APCB, A
A-1294-965-APCB, A
A-1088-024-APCB, A
A-1299-283-APCB, A
A-1299-257-APCB, A
A-1400-464-NA1PCB, A
A-1400-464-NA2PCB, A
A-1205-144-APCB, A1
1-871-429-11PCB, AU
A-1202-214-APCB, AU
A-1302-271-BPCB, AU
1-684-590-31PCB, A, Main
1-857-322-31PCB, Main, A
1-857-322-32PCB, Main, A
A-1547-028-APCB, Main, BM
A-1731-149-APCB, Main, BU
A-1257-460-APCB, Main, FB1
A-1660-699-APCB, Main, BM3
A-1727-312-A-RPCB, Main, BM3
A-1302-646-APCB, Main, BM1C
A-1831-639-BPCB, Main, BATV
A-1763-464-BPCB, Main, BAL *Software Update
1-857-593-51PCB, Main, Software Update Required
1-789-642-13PCB, Main, Motherboard, P965+ICH8DH
FWD50PX21-789-374-11PCB, A
KD34XBR970A-1172-511-APCB, A
KD36FS130ALLA-1098-838-APCB, A
KDE50XS955A-1061-614-APCB, A1U, INPUT
KDE50XS955A-1061-615-APCB, A2NU, REG, 9V, 5V, 3, 3V
KDF42WE655ALLA-1116-142-APCB, Main, A/U
KDF46E2000ALLA-1178-707-APCB, A BLOCK
KDF50E200055A-1178-707-APCB, A BLOCK
KDF50WE655ALLA-1060-166-APCB, A
KDF55WF655A-1060-166-APCB, A
KDF60WF655ALLA-1060-166-APCB, A
KDF60XBR950A-1302-366-APCB, A, 1-689-727-1
KDF60XS955ALLA-1060-167-APCB, A
KDF70XBR950A-1302-366-APCB, A, 1-689-727-1
KDFE42A10A-1129-346-APCB, AGU
KDFE50A10ALLA-1129-346-APCB, AGU
KDFE55A20A-1109-403-APCB, A1
KDL19M40001-857-031-11PCB, A
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5000001 TO 51671091-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5167110 TO 55000001-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5500001 TO 55350611-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5535062 TO 56000001-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5600001 TO 56532271-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 5653228 TO 58000001-857-611-21PCB, A, with LVDS Cable
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 8000001 TO 87000001-857-611-11PCB, A, USA Only
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 8700001 TO 88000001-857-611-31PCB, A, All except USA
KDL32BX300S/N FROM 8800001 TO 89999991-857-611-31PCB, A, All except USA
KDL32EX300BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MODEL ONLY1-857-593-61PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL32EX301ALL1-857-593-11PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL32EX400ALL1-857-593-21PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL32EX40BALLA-1772-835-APCB, Main, BAL, Without software
KDL32EX500ALL1-857-593-31PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL32EX710ALLA-1763-462-BPCB-Main-BAL, Software Update Required
KDL32L4000ALL1-857-036-11PCB, Main, A
KDL32L4000S/N 6600001 TO 7000001-857-036-41PCB, Main, A
KDL32L5000ALL1-857-322-33PCB, Main, A
KDL32LL1501-857-322-33PCB, Main, A
KDL32M3000A-1376-788-APCB, Main, BM
KDL32ML130A-1376-788-APCB, Main, BM
KDL32S2000ALLA-1179-492-APCB, Main, BU
KDL32S20L1A-1179-492-APCB, Main, BU
KDL32S5100A-1727-314-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL32XBR9ALLA-1727-318-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6000001 TO 60547861-857-036-21PCB, A
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6054787 TO 60599361-857-036-51PCB, A
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6059937 TO 61000001-857-036-21PCB, A
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6100001 TO 65000001-857-036-51PCB, A
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6500001 TO 66000001-857-036-21PCB, A
KDL37L4000S/N FROM 6600001 TO 68000001-857-036-51PCB, A
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 3000001 TO 38000001-895-018-21PCB, A, Mexico Only
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 3000001 TO 38000001-895-018-31PCB, A, USA and Canada Only
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 5000001 TO 53000001-895-018-21PCB, A, Mexico Only
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 5000001 TO 53000001-895-018-31PCB, A, USA and Canada Only
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 6000001 TO 72000001-857-903-51PCB, A, Mexico Only
KDL40BX421S/N FROM 6000001 TO 72000001-857-903-61PCB, A, USA and Canada Only
KDL40EX400ALL EXCEPT BUSINESS TO BUSINESS1-857-593-21PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL40EX400BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MODEL1-857-593-61PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL40EX401ALL1-857-593-21PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL40EX500ALL1-857-593-31PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL40EX501ALL1-857-593-31PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL40EX710ALLA-1763-462-BPCB-Main-BAL, Software Update Required
KDL40EX720ALLA-1814-572-CPCB, Main, BATV
KDL40S2000ALLA-1179-055-DPCB, AU
KDL40S2010ALLA-1192-415-DPCB, AU
KDL40S3000ALLA-1257-243-APCB, Main, BU1
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1000001 TO 13500001-857-092-11PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1350001 TO 15000001-857-092-31PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1700001 TO 17500001-857-092-11PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1750001 TO 18000001-857-092-31PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1800001 TO 18042701-857-092-11PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1804271 TO 18183721-857-092-11PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1818373 TO 18300001-857-092-11PCB, A
KDL40S4100S/N FROM 1830001 TO 19000001-857-092-31PCB, A
KDL40S504ALLA-1727-312-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL40S5100A-1727-312-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL40SL130ALLA-1257-243-APCB, Main, BU1
KDL40SL140ALLA-1565-512-APCB-Main-BM5, Tuner on board
KDL40V3000ALLA-1362-639-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL40V3000ALLA-1433-191-APCB, AU
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8200000A-1547-085-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8200001 TO 8400000A-1641-933-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8400001 TO 8440000A-1547-085-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8440001 TO 8500000A-1641-933-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8500001 TO 8600000A-1559-821-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America Models Only
KDL40V4100S/N FROM 8600001 TO 8800000A-1641-934-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America Models Only
KDL40V5100ALLA-1727-316-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL40W5100ALLA-1734-654-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40WL140A-1563-340-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40XBR2ALLA-1212-256-APCB, Main, BE2, 1-870-428-13
KDL40XBR3103A-1212-256-APCB, Main, BE2, 1-870-428-13
KDL40XBR3111A-1212-255-APCB, AU
KDL40XBR6A-1609-448-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40XBR6A-1641-963-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8100000A-1564-786-APCB, AU, US & Canada Only
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8100001 TO 8300000A-1564-786-APCB, AU, US & Canada Only
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8300001 TO 8350000A-1564-786-APCB, AU, US & Canada Only
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8350001 TO 8400000A-1564-786-APCB, AU, US & Canada Only
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8400001 TO 8450000A-1564-790-APCB, AU, Mexico & Latin America Only
KDL40XBR7S/N FROM 8450001 TO 8600000A-1564-790-APCB, AU, Mexico & Latin America Only
KDL40XBR9A-1728-743-APCB, Main, BU
KDL40Z4100A-1650-033-APCB, Main, BU
KDL42V4100Mexico and Latin America ModelsA-1559-822-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America Models Only
KDL42V4100US AND CANADA MODELS ONLYA-1547-086-APCB, Main, BU, US and Canada Models Only
KDL46EX500ALL1-857-593-31PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL46EX501ALL1-857-593-31PCB, Main, A, Software Update Required
KDL46EX720ALLA-1814-572-BPCB, Main, BATV
KDL46EX723ALLA-1814-572-BPCB, Main, BATV
KDL46S2000FOR S/N 7,000,001 TO 8,000,000A-1179-055-APCB, AU
KDL46S2000FOR S/N 8,000,001 AND HIGHERA-1179-055-DPCB, AU
KDL46S2010ALLA-1192-415-DPCB, AU
KDL46S4100S/N FROM 1,000,001 TO 1,200,0001-857-092-21PCB, Main, A
KDL46S4100S/N FROM 1,200,001 TO 1,300,0001-857-092-41PCB, Main, A
KDL46S4100S/N FROM 1,300,001 TO 1,500,0001-857-092-21PCB, Main, A
KDL46S4100S/N FROM 1,700,001 TO 1,750,0001-857-092-21PCB, Main, A
KDL46S4100S/N FROM 1,750,001 TO 1,800,0001-857-092-41PCB, Main, A
KDL46V3000ALLA-1433-191-APCB, AU
KDL46V3000S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8099999A-1362-639-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL46V3000S/N FROM 8100001 TO 8499999A-1419-006-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL46V3000S/N FROM 8500001 TO 8599999A-1362-639-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL46V3000S/N FROM 8600001 AND UPA-1419-006-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8150000A-1547-087-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8150001 TO 8250000A-1641-938-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8250001 TO 8300000A-1735-643-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8300001 TO 8330000A-1547-087-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8330001 TO 8360000A-1641-938-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8360001 TO 8400000A-1735-643-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8400001 TO 8500000A-1559-823-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 8500001 TO 8600000A-1641-939-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 9000001 TO 9500000A-1547-087-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 9500001 TO 9800000A-1547-087-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46V4100S/N FROM 9800001 TO 9900000A-1559-823-APCB, Main, BU, Mexico & Latin America
KDL46V5100ALLA-1727-315-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL46VE5A-1734-045-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL46VL130A-1362-639-APCB, Main, FB3
KDL46VL150ALLA-1742-744-APCB, Main, BM3S
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 8,001,000 TO 8,100,000A-1547-090-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 8,100,001 TO 8,300,000A-1641-943-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 8,300,001 TO 8,330,000A-1547-090-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 8,330,001 TO 8,400,000A-1641-943-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 9,000,001 TO 9,100,000A-1547-090-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 9,100,001 TO 9,500,000A-1641-943-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 9,500,001 TO 9,600,000A-1547-090-APCB, Main, Bu, US/Canada
KDL46W4100S/N FROM 9,600,001 TO 9,800,000A-1641-943-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada
KDL46WL135ALLA-1550-554-APCB, AU
KDL46XBR2A-1212-254-APCB, AU
KDL46XBR6A-1609-447-APCB, Main, BU
KDL46XBR9A-1728-744-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52S41001-857-227-11PCB, A
KDL52S5100A-1727-313-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL52V5100ALLA-1727-317-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL52VL150ALLA-1734-043-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL52W3000A-1362-638-APCB, Main, FB1
KDL52W4100S/N FROM 8100001 TO 8300000A-1641-948-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada Only
KDL52W4100S/N FROM 9100001 TO 9500000A-1641-948-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada Only
KDL52W4100S/N FROM 9600001 TO 9800000A-1641-948-APCB, Main, BU, US/Canada Only
KDL52WL140ALLA-1563-338-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52WL140ALLA-1641-950-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR3A-1216-258-APCB, AU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8100000A-1728-745-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8100001 TO 8200000A-1737-700-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8500001 TO 8600000A-1728-745-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8600001 TO 8650000A-1728-745-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8650001 TO 8700000A-1737-700-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8800001 TO 8900000A-1728-745-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8900001 TO 8950000A-1737-700-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52XBR9S/N FROM 8950001 TO 9000000A-1728-745-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52Z5100S/N FROM 8100001 TO 8200000A-1737-703-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52Z5100S/N FROM 8650001 TO 8700000A-1737-703-APCB, Main, BU
KDL52Z5100S/N FROM 8950001 TO 9000000A-1737-703-APCB, Main, BU
KDL55EX500A-1758-161-APCB, Main, A
KDL55EX710ALLA-1763-462-BPCB-Main-BAL, Software Update Required
KDL55V5100A-1743-846-APCB, Main, BM3
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8300000A-1564-785-APCB, Main, AU, US and Canada Only
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8000001 TO 8300000A-1564-793-APCB, Main, FBU
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8300001 TO 8400000A-1564-785-APCB, Main, AU, US and Canada Only
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8300001 TO 8400000A-1564-793-APCB, Main, FBU
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8400001 TO 8500000A-1564-789-APCB, Main, AU, Mexico and Latin America Only
KDL55XBR8S/N FROM 8400001 TO 8500000A-1564-793-APCB, Main, FBU
KDL60EX700ALLA-1763-462-BPCB-Main-BAL, Software Update Required
KDP57WS550ALLA-1302-158-APCB, A
KDP57WS550ALLA-1302-353-APCB, Main, BM
KDP57WS655ALLA-1065-547-APCB, A
KDP57XBR2ALLA-1299-611-APCB, A
KDP65XBR2A-1299-611-APCB, A
KDS50A2000A-1205-146-APCB, A1
KDS50A2020ALLA-1205-146-BPCB, A1
KDS55A2020ALLA-1205-145-BPCB, Main, A1
KDS60A2000ALLA-1205-144-BPCB, A1
KDS60A2020ALLA-1205-144-BPCB, A1
KDSR60XBR2A-1217-798-APCB, AU
KF42WE610154A-1302-266-APCB, A
KF42WE610ALLA-1302-271-APCB, AU
KF50WE610ALLA-1302-266-APCB, A
KF50WE610ALLA-1302-271-APCB, AU
KF60WE610ALLA-1302-266-APCB, A
KF60WE610ALLA-1302-271-APCB, AU
KF60XBR800A-1300-698-APCB, A
KLHW321-789-713-11PCB, A
KLV26HG2A-1410-790-APCB, A1
KLV26HG2A-1410-792-APCB, Main, B
KLV32M1A-1071-844-APCB, AU
KLV40U100M1-789-465-21PCB, A
KP41EXR96A-1297-395-APCB, A
KP41T65ALLA-1298-448-APCB, Main, A
KP43HT20ALLA-1299-428-APCB, A,
KP43T70A-1298-864-APCB, A
KP43T90A-1299-423-APCB, A
KP46C70A-1298-864-APCB, A
KP46WT500ALLA-1300-550-APCB, A
KP46WT510A-1302-177-APCB, A
KP46WT520ALLT99860230PCB, A, Includes BM/BH PCB
KP48S75A-1298-864-APCB, A
KP51HW40ALLA-1299-596-APCB, A,
KP51WS500ALLA-1300-550-APCB, A
KP51WS510A-1302-177-APCB, A
KP51WS520A-1054-149-APCB, A INCL BM/BH PCB
KP53HS10A-1131-470-APCB, Main, BM
KP53HS10A-1299-309-APCB, A
KP53HS20ALLA-1299-428-APCB, A,
KP53HS30ALLA-1299-428-APCB, A,
KP53S17ALLA-1297-605-APCB, A
KP53S70A-1298-864-APCB, A
KP53V80A-1298-843-APCB, A
KP53V85A-1298-843-APCB, A
KP53V90A-1299-423-APCB, A
KP53XBR300A-1299-141-APCB, A
KP57HW40ALLA-1299-596-APCB, A,
KP57WS50054A-1300-550-APCB, A
KP57WS510A-1300-550-APCB, A
KP57WS510A-1302-177-APCB, A
KP57WS520A-1054-149-APCB, A INCL BM/BH PCB
KP57WV600ALLA-1300-406-APCB, A
KP61HS10A-1299-141-APCB, A
KP61HS10A-1299-309-APCB, A
KP61HS20ALLA-1299-428-APCB, A,
KP61HS30ALLA-1299-428-APCB, A,
KP61S75ALLA-1298-864-APCB, A
KP61V85A-1298-843-APCB, A
KP65WS500ALLA-1300-550-APCB, A
KP65WS510A-1302-177-APCB, A
KP65WV600A-1300-406-APCB, A
KP65WV700ALLA-1300-406-APCB, A
KP65XBR10WA-1299-347-APCB, A
KV20EXR20ALLA-1296-326-APCB, Main, A
KV20EXR20ALLA-1296-698-APCB, Main, A
KV24FS100A-1300-391-APCB, A
KV24FS120A-1302-944-APCB, A
KV24FV300A-1300-217-APCB, A
KV27FS100A-1300-564-APCB, A
KV27FS12A-1299-222-APCB, A
KV27FS120A-1302-967-APCB, A
KV27FS13A-1299-502-APCB, A
KV27FS320ALLA-1057-457-APCB, A
KV27FV15A-1298-866-APCB, A
KV27FV300A-1300-328-APCB, A
KV27FV310A-1302-089-APCB, A
KV27S26A-1298-162-APCB, A
KV27S42A-1298-840-APCB, A
KV32FS10A-1298-890-APCB, A
KV32FS100A-1300-633-APCB, A
KV32FS12ALLA-1299-218-APCB, A
KV32FS120ALLA-1302-981-APCB, A
KV32FS210A-1302-108-APCB, A
KV32FV300ALLA-1300-278-APCB, A
KV32HS500A-1300-326-APCB, A
KV32HS510A-1300-326-APCB, A
KV32HS510A-1300-690-APCB, Main, BM1C
KV32S42A-1299-001-APCB, A
KV32S45ALLA-1298-631-APCB, A
KV32V26A-1298-082-APCB, A
KV32XBR250A-1298-890-APCB, A
KV32XBR450ALLA-1299-481-APCB, A,
KV34HS510ALLA-1300-326-APCB, A
KV34HS510ALLA-1300-690-APCB, Main, BM1C
KV34XBR800A-1300-326-APCB, A
KV35S42A-1298-899-APCB, A
KV35S45A-1298-646-APCB, A
KV35XBR48A-1298-140-APCB, A
KV36FS10A-1298-961-APCB, A *NLA* *Phase III*
KV36FS10A-1299-001-APCB, A
KV36FS100A-1300-648-APCB, A, Main, Complete
KV36FS120A-1302-981-APCB, A
KV36FS13A-1299-467-APCB, A
KV36FS16A-1299-234-APCB, A
KV36FS17A-1299-467-APCB, A
KV36FV16A-1299-234-APCB, A
KV36FV27ALLA-1299-476-APCB, Main, A
KV36FV300A-1300-336-APCB, A
KV36HS500A-1300-326-APCB, A
KV36HS510A-1300-326-APCB, A
KV36XBR250ALLA-1298-961-APCB, A *NLA* *Phase III*
KV36XBR450ALLA-1299-481-APCB, A,
KV36XBR800ALLA-1300-326-APCB, A
KV40XBR700ALLA-1299-560-APCB, A, Phase III
KV40XBR800ALLA-1300-326-APCB, A

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