Sharp DUNTKG357FM06 PCB-, C-PWB UNIT (80LE642U ALT.2)


Item Number DUNTKG357FM06

Brand Sharp

Description PCB-, C-PWB UNIT (80LE642U ALT.2)

Condition BRAND NEW

Availability Available as a Special Order - Order Now. Usually takes 5 to 7 days to receive from the factory. Order will be shipped once the item is received from the factory.

Price: $180.00
Core Deposit $ 95.00 Whats this ?
Total $275.00

Above price includes a $95.00 Core Deposit.

The core is your original/old defective part and the core deposit will be refunded on return of your core. Core return instructions will be provided with your order.


Sharp OEM PCB-, C-PWB UNIT (80LE642U ALT.2)