LG 55LS4600-UA.AUSWLUR Parts & Accessories List

Shop for Repair, Replacement Parts and Accessories for your LG Model Number 55LS4600-UA.AUSWLUR, LG 55LS4600-UA LG LG 55LS4600 including the main board, motherboard, power supply board, remote control, stand base, stand guide, stand screws, lcd/led display panel (screen replacement) and more.

Parts Common to All Versions

LG EAF61530201 Varistor, Aduc 5S 02 0R5L
Varistor, Aduc 5S 02 0R5L 5.5V 10% 0.5Pf 1.0X0.5X0.6M None Smd R/Tp Amotech Co., Ltd