LG 32LC2DC-UD.AUSLLJM Parts & Accessories List

We carry a large selection of factory original replacement parts and accessories for your LG Model Number 32LC2DC-UD.AUSLLJM, including the main board, motherboard, power supply board, remote control, stand base, stand guide, stand screws, lcd/led display panel (screen replacement) and more.

All Versions

LG ACQ30347110 Cover-Front/Frame, 32Lc2D
Cover-Front/Frame, 32Lc2Dc-Ud Ln61A 32.0 Inch C/Skd, 405Af,
LG EAJ32763001 Lcd/Led Display Panel; Sc
Lcd/Led Display Panel; Screen, Lc320W01-Sl14 Wxga 32.0 Inch 1366X768
LG 68719ST901C PC Board-A/V-Side-Sub, La
Pcb-A/V-Side-Sub, La51D 32Lc2D-Ud Akrllh Side Total_Dms Appl
LG 68719ST916A PC Board-Buffer-Sub, Sub
Pcb-Buffer-Sub, Sub T.T La51D 32Lc2D-Ud Alusllx -
LG EAY40321901 PC Board-Inverter, 6632L-
Pcb-Inverter, 6632L-0207B Lc320W01-Sl11/Sl14/Sl18 Used Inverter (Svc Only, Master)
LG EAY40322001 PC Board-Inverter, 6632L-
Pcb-Inverter, 6632L-0208B Lc320W01-Sl11/Sl14/Sl18 Used Inverter (Svc Only, Slave)
LG EBU32097701 PC Board-Main; Total Asse
Pcb-Main; Total Assembly, 32Lc2Dc-Ud Brand La51D
LG 6709900016C PC Board-Power Supply; Lg
Pcb-Power Supply; Lglp2637Hep, 26.0/32.0 Inch
LG EAT40320801 PC Board-Tcon, Timing Con
Pcb-Tcon, Timing Control, 6871L-0821A Lc320W01-Sl11/Sl14/Sl
LG 3043900026N Stand Base, [32Lc2-Uj] Lp
Stand Base, [32Lc2-Uj] Lp6