Category List for Sharp Boards

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All Boards All Boards
Analog Boards Analog Boards
Antenna Switch Antenna Switch, RF Splitters, RF Switch
Audio Amp/Processing Boards Audio Processing, Audio Amp
Ballast-Lamp Ballast Boards Lamp Ballast Boards
Bluetooth Bluetooth Boards & Modules
Buffer Boards Buffer, Address & Data Boards
CRT Boards CRT
Convergence Amp & Power Boards Convergence Amps, Convergence Power Supplies
DMD Boards DMD Boards
Deflection / Power Deflection / Power
Digital Module (DM) Digital Main, Digital Processing, Digital Video, Digital Module (dm)
IF / Tuner IF / Tuner
Input/Output (I/O) Boards I/O Boards, Audio/Video Input Boards, Terminal Boards, Jack I/O Boards
Inverter Inverter
Logic Main Logic Boards
Main Boards Main/Mother Boards
Media Receiver Media Receiver, AVC's
Non-Categorized Non-Categorized Boards & Modules, Card Readers, Etc
Power Supplies Power Supply Boards
Power, Function, Touch Pad Function, Button, IR, Power LEd/Switch (not power supply), Key, Touch Pad
Signal Signal Boards
Tcon/Timing Control, Logic Tcon/Timing Control, Logic Boards
Video Video Processing
X Drive/Main/Sus Plasma TV - X Drive Boards and X Sub Drive Boards
Y Drive/Main/Sus Plasma TV - Y Drive Boards and Y Sub Drive Boards