Sony 2-580-608-01 Screw, Sold By The Piece

Sony 2-580-608-01 Screw, Sold By The Piece

Screw, Sold By The Piece (Each), M5, L16, Psw M5X16, M5Xl16, M5*L16
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This item is a screw only.
It is not the TV stand.
Sold by the piece (EACH)


Sony HTCT350

Sony KDL26M3000

Sony KDL26M4000

Sony KDL26M4000

Sony KDL26NL140

Sony KDL32BX300

Sony KDL32BX310

Sony KDL32BX320

Sony KDL32BX330

Sony KDL32BX331

Sony KDL32BX420

Sony KDL32EX301

Sony KDL32EX340

Sony KDL32EX400

Sony KDL32EX40B

Sony KDL32EX500

Sony KDL32EX520

Sony KDL32EX600

Sony KDL32EX710

Sony KDL32EX720

Sony KDL32L4000

Sony KDL32L504

Sony KDL32M4000

Sony KDL32M4000/W

Sony KDL32R400A

Sony KDL32S3000

Sony KDL32XBR4

Sony KDL32XBR6

Sony KDL37L4000

Sony KDL37M4000

Sony KDL40BX420

Sony KDL40BX421

Sony KDL40BX450

Sony KDL40BX451

Sony KDL40EX400

Sony KDL40EX401

Sony KDL40EX40B

Sony KDL40EX500

Sony KDL40EX501

Sony KDL40EX520

Sony KDL40EX521

Sony KDL40EX523

Sony KDL40EX600

Sony KDL40EX605

Sony KDL40EX620

Sony KDL40EX621

Sony KDL40EX640

Sony KDL40EX710

Sony KDL40EX720

Sony KDL40HX701

Sony KDL40NX700

Sony KDL40S5100

Sony KDL40SL140

Sony KDL40V4100

Sony KDL40XBR4

Sony KDL40XBR7

Sony KDL40Z4100/B

Sony KDL40Z4100/S

Sony KDL42EX440

Sony KDL42V4100

Sony KDL46BX420

Sony KDL46BX421

Sony KDL46BX450

Sony KDL46EX400

Sony KDL46EX401

Sony KDL46EX500

Sony KDL46EX501

Sony KDL46EX520

Sony KDL46EX523

Sony KDL46EX600

Sony KDL46EX621

Sony KDL46EX640

Sony KDL46EX700

Sony KDL46EX710

Sony KDL46EX711

Sony KDL46EX720

Sony KDL46EX723

Sony KDL46EX729

Sony KDL46HX701

Sony KDL46HX729

Sony KDL46HX750

Sony KDL46NX700

Sony KDL46NX720

Sony KDL46NX800

Sony KDL46S504

Sony KDL46S5100

Sony KDL46SL140

Sony KDL46V4100

Sony KDL46VL160

Sony KDL46W4150

Sony KDL46WL140

Sony KDL46XBR5

Sony KDL46XBR6

Sony KDL46XBR8

Sony KDL48W655D

Sony KDL50W700B

Sony KDL52NX800

Sony KDL52V4100

Sony KDL52XBR4

Sony KDL52XBR6

Sony KDL52XBR9

Sony KDL55BX520

Sony KDL55EX500

Sony KDL55EX501

Sony KDL55EX620

Sony KDL55EX621

Sony KDL55EX640

Sony KDL55EX710

Sony KDL55EX711

Sony KDL55EX713

Sony KDL55EX720

Sony KDL55EX723

Sony KDL55HX701

Sony KDL55HX729

Sony KDL55HX751

Sony KDL55HX800

Sony KDL55HX820

Sony KDL55HX850

Sony KDL55NX720

Sony KDL55W700B

Sony KDL55W950B

Sony KDL60EX500

Sony KDL60EX700

Sony KDL60EX701

Sony KDL60EX720

Sony KDL60R520A

Sony KDL60R550A

Sony KDL60W850B

Sony KDL65S990A

Sony KDL65W950B

Sony KDL70R520A

Sony KDL70R550A

Sony KDL70W830B

Sony KDL70W850B


Sony KLV32EX300

Sony NSX32GT1

Sony NSX40GT1

Sony NSX46GT1

Sony XBR40LX900

Sony XBR46HX909

Sony XBR46HX929

Sony XBR52HX909

Sony XBR52LX900

Sony XBR55HX929

Sony XBR55HX950

Sony XBR55X900B

Sony XBR65HX929

Sony XBR65X850D

Sony XBR65X855D

Sony XBR65X857D

Sony XBR65X900B

Sony XBR65X930C

Sony XBR65X950B

Sony XBR65Z9D

Sony XBR75X850D

Sony XBR75X855D

Sony XBR75X857D

Sony XBR75X940C

Sony XBR75X940C

Sony XBR75Z9D

Sony XBR79X900B

Sony XBR85X950B


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