Sony KDL32EX301 Parts & Accessories List

Shop for Repair, Replacement Parts and Accessories for your Sony Model Number KDL32EX301, including the main board, motherboard, power supply board, remote control, stand base, stand guide, stand screws, lcd/led display panel (screen replacement) and more.

Version SN_FROM_1700001_TO_2000000

Version SN_FROM_4500001_TO_4800000

Version SN_FROM_4800001_TO_5000000

Sony X-2546-675-1 Bezel-Front Frame
Bezel-Front Frame
Sony 1-811-058-71 Lcd/Led Display Panel; Sc
Lcd/Led Display Panel; Screen, Lty[Z]320Ap04-001,
Sony 1-487-889-11 PC Board-Function, Switch
Pcb-Function, Switch Unit Assy
Sony 1-857-593-11 PC Board-Main; A, Softwar
Pcb-Main; A, Software Update Required
Sony 1-474-203-11 PC Board-Power Supply-Sta
Pcb-Power Supply-Static Converter-G5E
Sony 1-474-200-11 PC Board-Power Supply; St
Pcb-Power Supply; Static Converter, G2Le
Sony 1-487-827-11 Remote Control; Remote Tr
Remote Control; Remote Transmitter, Rmyd035,
Sony 2-580-608-01 Screw, Each, M5, L16, Psw
Screw, Each, M5, L16, Psw M5X16, M5Xl16, M5*L16
Sony 1-858-340-11 Speaker, 4.5X12.5Cm
Speaker, 4.5X12.5Cm
Sony STAND-KDL32EX301 Stand Base, Complete With
Stand Base, Complete With Base, Neck, Cover & Screw
Sony X-2546-639-1 Stand Base, Does Not Incl
Stand Base, Does Not Include Neck Or Neck Cover
Sony 4-166-864-01 Stand Guide/Neck/Supporte
Stand Guide/Neck/Supporter; Fits Between The Stand, Base And The Tv
Sony 4-166-867-01 Stand Neck Cover
Stand Neck Cover