Sony KP51WS500 Parts & Accessories List

Shop for Repair, Replacement Parts and Accessories for your Sony Model Number KP51WS500, including the main board, motherboard, power supply board, remote control, stand base, stand guide, stand screws, lcd/led display panel (screen replacement) and more.

Sony 1-790-130-12 A/C Power Cord With Conne
A/C Power Cord With Connector
Sony 4-081-888-01 Battery Cover, For Remote
Battery Cover, For Remote Transmitter *Nla*
Sony 4-082-284-01 Button, Multi
Button, Multi
Sony 8-733-649-35 Crt-Blue; 07Mvc31(B), L(F
Crt-Blue; 07Mvc31(B), L(Fl)
Sony 8-733-652-25 Crt-Green, 07Mvc21(G)-L(F
Crt-Green, 07Mvc21(G)-L(Fl)
Sony 8-733-650-25 Crt-Red, 07Mvc31(R)-L(Fl)
Crt-Red, 07Mvc31(R)-L(Fl)
Sony 1-451-542-21 Deflection Yoke
Deflection Yoke
Sony 1-533-595-31 Fuse, Ic, Link
Fuse, Ic, Link
Sony STK392-560 Ic Stk392-560
Ic Stk392-560
Sony 8-749-019-08 Ic-Convergence, Stk392-56
Ic-Convergence, Stk392-560
Sony A-1299-523-A PC Board-Ad
Sony A-1401-056-A Pcb-Crt, Cr
Pcb-Crt, Cr
Sony A-1316-566-A PC Board-Power Supply-G,
Pcb-Power Supply-G,
Sony 1-476-864-11 Remote Control; Remote Tr
Remote Control; Remote Transmitter, Rmy909
Sony 8-598-955-32 Resistor, Block Assy, Hig
Resistor, Block Assy, High Voltage
Sony 1-216-392-11 Resistor, Metal Oxide, 1.
Resistor, Metal Oxide, 1.8 Ohm 3 W
Sony 1-223-925-35 Resistor-High Voltage, Fo
Resistor-High Voltage, Focus Pack
Sony 4-090-910-01 Screen-Contrast-Outer
Sony 4-081-952-01 Screen-Middle Screen, Pla
Screen-Middle Screen, Plate, Diffusion, 51.0 Inch
Sony 4-081-953-11 Screen-Plate-Diffusion-In
Sony 1-825-218-11 Speaker, 13Cm *Nla*
Speaker, 13Cm *Nla*
Sony 1-529-403-31 Speaker, 6.6Cm
Speaker, 6.6Cm
Sony 1-771-787-13 Switch, Rf Antenna
Switch, Rf Antenna
Sony 1-453-285-41 Transformer-Flyback, Nx,
Transformer-Flyback, Nx, 4006
Sony 8-598-594-30 Tuner-Fss Btf-Fa421
Tuner-Fss Btf-Fa421
Sony 8-598-593-50 Tuner-Fss Btf-Wa421
Tuner-Fss Btf-Wa421