Samsung BN61-06221A Stand Guide, Uc6500 40.0

Samsung BN61-06221A Stand Guide, Uc6500 40.0

Stand Guide, Uc6500 40.0 Inch, Pc+Gf20%, Bk000
Brand New
Discontinued. Order an Equivalent/Replacement if listed below

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Screws not included

This item fits between the TV Stand and the TV.
It is not the TV Stand


Samsung BN96-13131D Discontinued.

Samsung BN96-13131E Discontinued.

Samsung BN96-13131G Discontinued.


Samsung UA40C5000QMXRD

Samsung UA40C6200URMXL

Samsung UA40C6900VRMXL

Samsung UA46C5000QMXRD

Samsung UA46C6200URMXL

Samsung UA46C6200URXTW

Samsung UA46C6200URXZN

Samsung UA46C6900VRMSG

Samsung UA46C7000WRMXL

Samsung UA55C8000XFXXY

Samsung UA55C8000XRXSW

Samsung UE40C5100QWXXU

Samsung UE40C6000RHXXU

Samsung UE40C6000RWXZG

Samsung UE40C6005RWXXE

Samsung UE40C6500UWXXH

Samsung UE40C6505UKXXU

Samsung UE40C8705XSXXE

Samsung UE46C6000RKXXU

Samsung UE46C6000RPXZT

Samsung UE46C6505UKXXU

Samsung UE46C6540SKXXU

Samsung UN37C5000QFXZA

Samsung UN40C5000QFXZA

Samsung UN40C5000QMXZD

Samsung UN40C5000QRXSR

Samsung UN40C5000QRXZS

Samsung UN40C6200UMXZD

Samsung UN40C6300SFXZA

Samsung UN40C6300SFXZX

Samsung UN40C6400RFXZA

Samsung UN40C6400RHXZA

Samsung UN40C6500VFXZA

Samsung UN40C6500VFXZL

Samsung UN40C6500VMXSR

Samsung UN40C7000WFXZA

Samsung UN40C7000WRXZL

Samsung UN46C5000QFXZA

Samsung UN46C6300SFXZA

Samsung UN46C6400RHXZA

Samsung UN46C6500VFXZC

Samsung UN46C6500VFXZL

Samsung UN46C6800UFXZA

Samsung UN46C6900VFXZA

Samsung UN46C7000WFXZA

Samsung UN46C7000WRXSR

Samsung UN46C8000XFXZA

Samsung UN55C5000QFXZA

Samsung UN55C5000QFXZX

Samsung UN55C6300SFXZA

Samsung UN55C6300SFXZC

Samsung UN55C6400RFXZA

Samsung UN55C6400RFXZX

Samsung UN55C6400RHXZA

Samsung UN55C6500VFXZA

Samsung UN55C6500VFXZC

Samsung UN55C6900VFXZA

Samsung UN55C7000WFXZA

Samsung UN55C7000WFXZX

Samsung UN55C7000WRXSR

Samsung UN55C7000WRXZL

Samsung UN55C7100WFXZA

Samsung UN55C8000XFXZA


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